The 6minute Newsletter has been a very Bad Puppy. Pooper-scooper needed!

Well, I thought we were making progress with Puppy but sadly, it appears, no such luck!

The Puppy has left quite a pile on the linoleum.

Yesterday the Newsletter carried a glowing report about the new wonder drug Empagliflozin, which it called the ‘Holy Grail.’ The puppy enthusiastically tail-wagged at the thought of a drug that would reduce rates of hospitalisation for heart failure by 35%, deaths from cardiovascular disease by 38% and ALL CAUSE MORTALITY by 32%. Can you imagine this?  Its clinical significance is equal ‘with the lipid-lowering effects of statins’ the Puppy woofed.

Wait a minute…. the wonder of statins. Well, since they have never done anything but cause illness, and lowering lipid levels is never going to cure heart disease, this is not a good start. But not to be side-tracked, the Puppy whined that the research findings amounted ‘to the “Holy Grail” of clinical trials.’ WHAT???

What we have here is another example of the abuse of statistics. When I read the full study report, the actual real numbers don’t look so good. Most of the placebo treated patients had complication rates of around 4 to 6% for each of the above parameters and those complication rates were lowered by only a tiny amount, such as this: in a treated group, the complication rate was reduced to 3% from just over 4% (rough rounded numbers to use as an example). This is where the AMAZING 33% reduction comes from. It is hardly statistically significant and it is CERTAINLY NOT clinically significant because it means about 95% of people being treated got NO benefit. This is how medical scams work!  We dont look at the actual numbers of people who benefitted, we look at the tiny change between the treated and the untreated groups and exaggerate the significance of that number so it looks as if there is a dramatic improvement in the treated group. This is medical FRAUD.

And the 6minute Newsletter has never been able to understand that if TWO people out of 100 have a heart attack while in a treatment study, compared to THREE people out of a hundred on a placebo, that that is NOT a 33% reduction in heart attacks in a clinically meaningful way.  If you are comparing the heart attack rates between the two groups, the real numbers are 2 per 100 treated compared to 3 per 100 people not treated. This is NOT statistically significant and is within the margin of error of the test. In other words, the trumpeted wondrous efficacy of the drug is utter BS. Empagliflozin, you are a FRAUD.

What no one discussed in the summary is how a low carb, high fat diet could cure Type 2 Diabetes. No. Never. Why would anyone sucking up research funds talk about curing Type 2 Diabetes?  Well, you know the answer to that one.

Cure diabetes? No, you just feed the same crap that caused the diabetes in the first place, actually even more of it, and then get the patients to take drugs. The drugs the researchers were paid to do research on. Big Pharma benefits, the researchers benefit and YOU, the patient loses. Wow, we are in Las Vegas!

Somebody, please tell the 6minutes Newsletter! Save their souls from oblivion!

Then things really go downhill! Today, they announced that a rodent diet of whole (some) grains, low fat milk and fruit makes for stronger bones in adolescents, compared to a diet of meat and vegetables. More utter BS. This is an example of the influences that the food industry has over researchers, so that the data they produce are corrupted. MONEY TALKS! Anyone who believes this rubbish is mentally derelict or a lackey of the food industry. Let me think… oh, it’s both! Australian food research is so corrupted by the food industry one cannot believe a single thing they say. Read the previous blogs concerning the Univeristy of Sydney and its food industry supporters to see the blatant corruption of the purity of scientific neutrality in full effect.  Disgusting.

Read the below report from Credit Suisse- now, THIS is the truth!

Rodent diets indeed!