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Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), Metabolic Syndrome and taking medicines unnecessarily (‘just in case’.)

The LCHF Conference in South Africa, would have been a revelation to the general public that came to the Sunday conference. People learned that T2D can be ‘cured’ in just a few days after starting a LCHF diet. The medical profession is becoming less skilled in optimal disease management because the ‘6 minute consult’ cannot allow doctors to develop refined clinical skills. Lab tests dictate treatments, which makes no sense as they are meant to be used as a guide to the clinical assessment, but that…

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The Real Food Revolution.

The EpigenX approach to healthy dietary patterns has been shaped by the abject failure of the advice that has been given to us by The National Heart Foundation of Australia, Nutrition Australia and Diabetes Australia.   The rates of cardiovascular disease vary widely. Here are just a few countries for comparison. While Australia and the US are not among the worst of these statistics, we should be asking ourselves why we are not lower than we are, especailly when we compare ourselves to the French and Japanese.…

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