The Puppy is now chasing its tail –and is biting it! What does one do..? The 6minute Newsletter is really losing it!

In Australia, we have a massive problem with medical ‘truth’. As citizens, we are owed the truth by organizations and governments that supposedly are meant to look out for our well-being. For all practical purposes they don’t. Vested interests have such a stranglehold on heart, diabetes, and nutrition based organizations, for example, that any information that appears on the scene that is contrary to the dogma of these organizations is derided, and the people who present the contrary information are labeled as ‘killers, charlatans, deniers.’ This, in a country that has fought hard in horrific wars for our freedom to speak and act without malicious retaliation. But when it comes to challenging medical dogma, opponents of the religious catechism are attacked with a fury usually associaciated with tempests.


But money talks. Here is an example of horrifically corrupted data, in order to support the dairy and grain industries- two industries dear to our hearts, but, as it turns out, not in a healthy way! The Bad Puppy threw this up on the rug yesterday- ‘What teen bones need to be strong.’ The smell was awful. And this is from Australian ‘researchers.’

Now you wouldn’t have guessed that what makes strong bones would be whole grains, and skim milk, rather than meat, fish and poultry, would you? It makes no sense because grains and milk were not part of our evolution –and hence diet– for 99.98% of our time on Earth as modern Humans, whereas meat, fish and birds have been, albeit in somewhat different forms.

The following is so absurd that you would think you were in a Charlie Chaplin movie: ‘Teenagers who favoured meat, poultry, fish and eggs at the expense of dairy, whole grains and vegetables, resulted in poorer bone health, say the researchers.’ ‘The inclusion of low-fat dairy products appears to be important, they add.

This elevates the level of intelligence in this discussion to that of a  Keystone Cops movie.

When we are confronted with such a violation of commonsense plus a hopelessly constructed study, we end up with ‘findings’ such as these. You don’t have to be a genius to see how the food industry interferes with truth and promotes dangerous policies under the guise of ‘medical research.’ Eating whole grains inflicted massive damage on the ancient Egyptians and they continue to wreak havoc in our modern world leading to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, gut disorders and probably arthritis and Alzheimers as well. Stunning!
MRI imaging of Egyptian mummies show just how extensive heart disease, arthritis and dental disease were, and  it can all be traced to their grain based diet.

  • Australians deserve so much better. Amanda Davey who wrote this tripe for the Bad Puppy needs to take a course in statistics and study design. We have been killing our children with the dietary advice Amanda seems to worship from our experts over the last three decades. It is time to change. It is low carb, high fat that we need to eat: and add a touch of Pete Evans. Stupid studies promoted by ignorant ‘reporters’ is the last thing we need. What we need is the TRUTH! Just the facts, not corrupted data from paid off experts.

I remain, as usual, disgusted. Truth eventually wins, but the fight is long and hard!

Keep tuned.

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