Australian ‘experts’ on Male Hormones, Fat Loss, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

It’s been a long while since I blogged here. A lot of ‘spare’ time was used up with getting my book, ‘Chasing Antelopes‘ ready for the international market: all done by May 17. Now for the really hard work in promoting it!

Well here goes with this blog – and it’s rather long.

Mother Nature is amazing at mostly getting things right. I now have a visiting flock of birds that flies in every morning and night.  More often on weekends – how do they know to do that? There are two baby magpies expecting to be hand fed, but for their long-term benefit, I don’t, and they do very well competing amongst themselves (5 of them) for the ground beef I scatter about. Two butcher birds, 3 Murray Magpies (Mud Larks) and a beautiful Rosella that is very tame loves to eat the meat too.  Yesterday, two Tawny Frog Mouths showed up as well.

They demonstrate a fantastic degree of perfection in self-learning, how to locate and quickly identify REAL food sources, and who to trust and who not to. I’d suggest to you that Westernized humans are not too good at any of these things.

We are undermined every day by startling pronouncements from experts of all kinds, from how to eat and how we should tremble in fear as the Earth is about to be engulfed in flames due to runaway carbon dioxide emissions.

Virtually everything the experts tell us is either purposely corrupted data, or as is often the case, they simply have no idea of what current science has revealed- in other words, they haven’t crossed the 21st Century Time Line.    So, they sit befuddled in the last century…

Examples have abounded over the last few months.

Now you all know by now, if you have been reading my blogs, that I am highly critical of the ‘revelations’ frequently printed by the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) in its 6minutes Newsletter. The MJA publishes various on-line newsletters that are supposed to contain relevant and factual information to help doctors in their every day practice – but for the most part, the  information is nothing more than industry propaganda or idiotic musings from some Australian ‘expert’ or another, who is bent on protecting his/her turf and who violently objects to new and contrary, though factual, data that has recently come to light.

These types of ‘experts’ resist with a vengeance any new data that challenges their atherosclerotic thinking. Sadly, they are often the experts that the Press goes to for comment, the Government relies on to formulate policy and the Medical Boards use to castigate doctors who don’t agree with much of our current but out-dated thinking.

Examples are the unprofessional scat dropped by experts like Professor David Handelsman, a supposed expert on male hormone therapy from the University of Sydney. He has made it clear he has no idea what constitutes a normal healthy male. yet he has helped formulate policies for the (ab) use of hormone replacement therapy in men, that has been adopted in Australia and is a travesty of thinking in its practical application as it disadvantages millions of men by denying them appropriate and easy access to ‘steroid’ therapy. According to him and Dr. Justin Coleman, who was quoted along with Professor Handelsman in an article by the MJA in its 6minutes Newsletter, males who have testosterone levels just above a woman’s levels, are ‘normal.’

What a sick joke! These doctors strongly imply that they do not recommend testosterone therapy except in extreme deficiency. They clearly know nothing about the effects of stress and head injuries in young males, who have so-called ‘normal’ testosterone levels but who exhibit classic symptoms of low testosterone and they clearly have no concept of the idea that ‘wellness-to-illness’ is on a gradient, not just that you are either ‘normal’ or ‘sick.’ They have no understanding of the word optimal. And neither do the government regulatory bodies or the Medical Boards. (see my previous blog on the abuse of the Normal Range)

The results of this are horrific. A normally produced hormone, present in both sexes, has become the target for severe restriction of its use. Why? Is it because testosterone is uniquely dangerous? If so, should all males be castrated at birth, or at least the moment after they have fathered children so as not to ever be subjected to the horrifying illnesses it causes? No!  it was a political move 40 years ago by the US government to limit its use in professional athletes. No medical evidence was needed when a US physician called to give evidence (another ignorant expert) advised the US Senate that testosterone was a mind-altering drug- right up there with heroin and LSD. Growth Hormone was similarly targeted. Amazingly ignorant and the results of this idiocy are causing damage decades later.

Then we have the recent revelations that restriction of saturated fat INCREASES the risk of heart disease. Yes, read that again.

Lowering saturated fat in the diet and lowering cholesterol INCREASES the risk of death from heart disease.

EVERY cardiologist in Australia should know this by now because the evidence has been staring us in the face for a few years, but as experts are so often the guardians of knowledge and teach us through dogma, not science, we, the public are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to trying to sort out the truth from the crap. These experts are living in a time warp- and its dangerous.

We tend to listen to these experts. But as they are frequently nothing more than paid off shills of the food and drug companies, we are not going to hear the truth. At least quickly. But as always truth wins out.

Examples: a medical journal called ‘Circulation’ just had this to say: ‘Atherosclerosis, formerly considered [to be] a bland lipid storage disease, actually involves an ongoing inflammatory response. Recent advances in basic science have established a fundamental role for inflammation in mediating all stages of this disease from initiation through progression and, ultimately, the thrombotic complications of atherosclerosis.’

Now read the first sentence again. The words ‘formerly considered‘ means that the current and erroneous dogma that heart disease is caused by blockage of your blood vessels with saturated fats is no longer considered to be true: heart disease is not a disease caused by eating loads of saturated fat but rather, it is inflammation of the vessels due to various toxins and toxic foods that leads to blockage of the arteries and that includes the ‘lovely’ vegetable oils that line the supermarket shelves. (Olive and coconut oil excepted– they are truly healthy)

Two extraordinary studies, submitted for publication decades ago, but NOT published at that time, were recently discovered and published. Read the findings of these studies that contained thousands of participants.  

This in the British Medical Journal.: Our recovery and 2013 publication of previously unpublished data from the Sydney Diet Heart Study (SDHS, 1966-73) belatedly showed that replacement of saturated fat with vegetable oil rich in linoleic acid (a polyunsaturated fat) significantly increased the risks of death from coronary heart disease and all causes, despite lowering serum cholesterol. Our recovery of unpublished documents and raw data from another diet-heart trial, the Minnesota Coronary Experiment, provided us with an opportunity to further evaluate this issue.’

Their conclusions: Saturated fat, the kind you were told not to eat, and found in REAL butter, cream, cheese and fat from all meats from grass-fed animals, is HEALTHY. 


Now add the findings from this study comparing patients on generic Lipitor with a sugar pill. This was a 5 year study on 7,000 patients. The death rated and heart attacks were IDENTICAL. In other words, statin drugs don’t work.

Finally, a new class of injectables has been tested and one of them has been approved for use in Australia, at a cost of over $10,000 per year, per person

In the clinical trials, this drug lowered the ‘BAD’ cholesterol (there is no such thing) and raised the ‘GOOD’ cholesterol (again, there is no such thing) but after 12,000 people were treated the study was prematurely terminated because the drug DID NOT WORK!

To quote: the drug failed to reduce rates of major cardiovascular events, including heart attack, stroke, angina or cardiovascular death.

Look at this commentary that followed the announcement. “There may be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol, but today there is only bad news for Eli Lilly ($LLY) and rivals Merck ($MRK) and Amgen ($AMGN) after the full extent of the failure for CETP inhibitor evacetrapib is revealed–and will likely prove fatal for the whole class.

Lilly announced last year it was to discontinue studies of its drug after it failed to reduce rates of major cardiovascular events, including heart attack, stroke, angina or cardiovascular death.

Over the weekend the Cleveland Clinic released further analysis of the Phase III trial Accelerate study of 12,000 patients–and the results were damning.”

Why then, did we approve, in Australia one of this class of drugs and hail it as a major advance?

I know that is a rhetorical question — we all know the answer. Just follow the money trail.

These studies show conclusively that fat, high cholesterol levels and the rubbish about ‘good’ and ‘bad cholesterol have been wrong all along. That means that for four decades we have failed to identify the real cause of heart disease and millions of people have died prematurely, falsely believing that the medical treatments offered them would increase their life spans. What a horrific lie, yet the medical profession has had access to the accumulating evidence for decades– that the cholesterol/fat hypiothesis was entirely WRONG. But money talks and we, the public are the losers. What a disgrace! Once upon a time, the words ‘honorable’ and ‘medical profession’ went together but just as fairy tales begin with ‘Once upon a time…’

Look at this reaction to the advice from Britain, just published the other day, on how to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes using a low carb, high fat diet:

Pro-fat report sparks international outrage

“Australia’s dietitians have come out strongly against UK advice to eat more fat to reverse obesity and type 2 diabetes. The follows a UK report that calls for an urgent overhaul of dietary guidelines and claims that the promotion of low-fat foods has had “disastrous health consequences.”

Yes- that is exactly the reaction one would expect. Anything that clashes with Australian standards is automatically wrong and is viciously attacked. Read on: The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) says: “A diet high in saturated fat is a risk factor for heart disease, one of our nation’s biggest killers.

“Saturated fats tend to increase LDL cholesterol in the blood and current evidence suggests these should be eaten sparingly to minimize the risk of heart disease. Instead, foods that are rich in unsaturated fats are recommended.”

Well folks, this is exactly the diet that was shown to KILL people as you have just read, Polyunsaturated fats are degraded by oxygen and it is these vegetable oils that are deadly, because, in effect they rust!!!

Olive oil and coconut oil are safe- the crappy vegetable oils in the supermarket are best left on the shelf and not put in your coronary arteries where they ‘rust’ and kill you.

It is demoralizing to read every day that some Australian expert or another supports outmoded and lethal advice. It’s not that hard to read the latest research. If you are an expert, that’s what you do, for crying out loud!

Meanwhile, my international colleagues and I are about to launch programs in India, China and the USA where new ideas are at least evaluated. No such luck back here but I am not giving up trying.

Eventually, truth wins out!  I repeat that to myself often.





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    1. Almost certainly the kudos he gets from the Australian Governement for convincing it to not have to pay for testosterone supplementation thus limiting costs and hence cementing his position as an academic and thus a guaranteed job.

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