Fairfax Media, Dubious Academia and the University of Sydney

Just posted from Fairfax Media: ‘Nutritionists warn of dangers in Paleo dieting’ and the article goes on to say incredibly idiotic stuff like: ‘The Paleo diet might be heading for extinction, like the cavemen who inspired it, after the country’s leading nutrition body warned Australians that the popular eating plan is potentially dangerous.’
Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/nutritionists-warn-of-dangers-in-paleo-dieting-20140805-100iup.html#ixzz3idmGAAEa

First, to call it Paleo meant that humans evolved on this diet and secondly, cave men did not die out but kept on reproducing and that is why you and I are here today. An example of a totally uninformed ‘expert’ lies right here: ‘[t]he chief executive of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia, Claire Hewat, says there is no scientific evidence to support eating the Paleo way. She goes on to say that there are only 10 or so studies on this dietary pattern.  Well, Claire there are actually NO studies on ANY dietary pattern EVER,  because studies on diet cannot be done.  It is not possible to lock people up in a room for 40 years and feed them the foods to be studied because, well, it’s obvious—-

Certainly, there are corrupted studies done by the food industry with manipulated data to show that cereals, whole grains fruit and dairy are good for you. Why, we even have Professor Stephen Simpson of the University of Sydney saying that rodent diets are the best type of diets for Humans. Well, who knew?

To suggest, as the author of the Fairfax article did, that the cave man died out is ridiculous. Where did WE all come from then?  Aliens from another world?

These articles and the researchers who are paid to produce them are mostly shills for the food and drug industries. They have no interest whatsoever in the health of Australians. Indeed, their funding and their whole economic base would collapse if we all suddenly became healthy.

Cancer cells live on glucose = sugar = bread, pizza, pasta, fruit, and starchy vegetables. Think about that!

The attacks on Paleo and Pete Evans in particular, is a vitriolic response to the threat to the economic health of all those in the war against the truth. Thankfully they are losing, as everyday all over the world, more and more people are switching to Paleo and low carb high fat diets and are reaping the benefits almost from day one.

You don’t hear from the corrupted researchers that Type 2 Diabetes can be reversed, or that it is likely to be Vitamin K2 that is heart disease protective, and not statin drugs, which are useless AND deadly.  No, you won’t, because there will be no research funds that will ever be made available to investigate and cure these diseases by simple interventions as long as the food and drug companies or charities that support organisations with the words ‘heart’ nutrition’ ‘diabetes’ in them supply all the research funds.  And, oh how the money rolls in!

In medical research we have become morally bankrupt.





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