Newscorp rivaling Fairfax for stupid reporting on Paleo diets: and that’s difficult to do!

IN Australia, there is a concerted effort on behalf of food manufacturers to stop any references to healthy eating from reaching the public. The Paleo diet is under attack by ignorami who have no understanding whatsoever of the natural human diet that we evolved on. For over two million years modern humans have eaten a certain way: that is, until the last few centuries but particularly in the last 50 years. That way was called Paleo. Forget the variations of Paleo for the moment: it is about a concept and not the specifics. The foods we have available to us today are not the foods we evolved with, BUT, we do have comparable foods, and that is the basis of the current versions of the Paleo dietary eating pattern. To be pure, Paleo eating does not include peas, beans and other legumes. Does it matter? For most of us, no, but some people react badly to them with many gastrointestinal symptoms, so I guess, it is trial and error to see who does, or does not, find these foods hard to live with. Let’s just say that the Paleo eating concept is vital to our health. It is after all, what our DNA is expecting us to do.

The first thing to recognize is that humans NEVER ate grains: no porridge, no corn flakes or wheat bix, no bread, no cakes, no croissants, no spaghetti or ravioli, no multigrain health bars. These foods are toxic because they contain proteins that many of us cannot cope with, including gluten but not soley that, and so we get: Lupus, Thyroid disorders, psoriasis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimers and the list goes on. These are disease that are unknown to modern day hunter-gatherers just as they were in the past. Throw in milk and we have set the stage for a myriad of immunological responses that come about because these items were not part of our evolution and therefore so many of us react badly when we are confronted by them.

Furthermore, modern grains are very different from those that humans originally cultivated and consumed over 7,000 years ago, and even then those were not very kind to our systems. Using MRI technology we can see what the state of health was like for Egyptian mummies. It is not a pretty picture. Riddled with gum and dental disease, osteoarthritis and coronary artery disease, Egyptians were very unhealthy. They ate truck loads of grains: in fact, grains were the staple of the upper claases in ancient Egypt and they paid a hefty price as their health was dreadful and they died early. The famous king, Tutankhamun, died at age 19. He had multipe congenital anomalies and his MRI shows he was nutritionally deprived: he ate mostly grains. Grains have few nutritional benefits, unless you think heaps of sugar ( thats’what grains are) is a healthy product!

The advice offered by Australian authorities is lethal, yet they persist in telling us to eat lots of sugar (grains and fruit) in spite of the evidence that this is causing us to be obese and diabetic We didn’t become obese and diabetic by eating meat and healthy vegetables! It was fruit and grains! Who knew? The reason for this terrible advice is tied into politics and money. The grain industry is huge and Australia reaps a big income from the export of grains. So do the grain and pharmaceutical industries.

There is ONE major supplier of grain seeds to the world for cultivation. That company has altered the genetics of modern grains by selective breeding (technically not GMO) so much that they are even more foreign to our system than the original grains were seventy centuries ago. This company also supplies a product containing glyphosate to kill weeds in grain fields, This herbicide has contaminated the world’s grain based foods: it is extremely toxic to our DNA, especially in infants and young children. It is now found in breast milk! Every new study shows how grain based diets are adversely affectively our health. Unless you’re a rodent, of course. They need their daily dose of Roundup!

By feeding cereals and bread to our kids, we are damaging their DNA! Childhood cancers are increasing every year. Surprised? Recently, I posted comments by Professor Stephen Simpson, University of Sydney, about why a rodent diet is what humans need to eat, instead of a Paleo based diet. It would be funny except that he comes across as deadly serious. See the blog below and you can understand who funds food studies at the University of Sydney.  RATS!

A few days ago, Newscorp had an article about the Paleo diet. It contained so many comical errors but, no matter, it is not the factual content of these articles that matters, it is the political statement they make. Even when the statements are hideously incorrect, understand that it is money that is driving the agenda, not your health- in other words, the message is not say anything that might undermine the lucrative grain industry, even if it is killing you!

Look at the rubbish Newscorp sanctioned and printed-  “While most of us spend our Sundays tucking into eggs on buttered toast for brekky or a cheeky burger for lunch, our paleo-obsessed counterparts are busy creating elaborate paleo-friendly substitutes.

The lengths some paleo Instagrammers go to recreate classic normal people foods like spaghetti or toast is hilarious — and usually bears little resemblance to the original dish.”

The author of this detritus, is REBECCA SULLIVAN, who clearly has no idea at all about human physiology. One can only hope she does not develop any of the above disorders because of her diet: but then, again…  Moronic musings and political agendas have fused  into deadly information. Be aware: your health is not even vaguely on the horizon when articles like this get printed.