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Australia’s Attitude to Testosterone

It is dismaying to see that Australia so often keeps falling on the wrong side of sensible. Judging from our reactions to Essendon FC, peptides and male hormonal support in general, we are virtually medieval. The PBS is no longer going to allow GPs to prescribe testosterone for men (estrogen is fine for women, though) from April 1, on the PBS system.  That is unless they get ‘permission’ from a urologist or endocrinologist, neither of whom would have any idea about why men might need…

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Vitamin K2-MK-7 -Essential but currently AWOL

Vitamin K2-MK-7 has finally emerged to be recognised for what it is – a life saver! The French and Japanese have the lowest rates of heart disease in the world, yet they are known to be significant smokers. That, and the fact that the French have a high fat diet: indeed just the opposite of that which has been recommended in the western world for 40 years, but which has given us increased rates of type 2 diabetes, a global obesity epidemic and no significant change in the…

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Anabolic Steroids, Growth Hormone and other ‘bad boys!’

There is nothing like perception getting in the way of reality.  ‘Facts’ derived from every Tom, Dick and Harry’s consensus(es) aren’t facts at all but this is now becoming a common means of establishing ‘facts’ in a world that is becoming less careful about how it uses science to establish what is true and what is a lie. Now, it is simply a matter that if enough people believe something, it becomes an ‘established fact.’  We’ve seen this well demonstrated in the carbon dioxide and global warming ‘debate’ but it…

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