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Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), Metabolic Syndrome and taking medicines unnecessarily (‘just in case’.)

The LCHF Conference in South Africa, would have been a revelation to the general public that came to the Sunday conference. People learned that T2D can be ‘cured’ in just a few days after starting a LCHF diet. The medical profession is becoming less skilled in optimal disease management because the ‘6 minute consult’ cannot allow doctors to develop refined clinical skills. Lab tests dictate treatments, which makes no sense as they are meant to be used as a guide to the clinical assessment, but that…

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ABC Catalyst — The Heart of the Matter – Part 2


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The Medical Lies about Type 2 Diabetes

One of the world’s greatest medical conferences just concluded in Cape Town, South Africa. Professor Tim Noakes assembled an astounding group of world experts in the fields of statistics, nutrition and sports physiology to explain for the very first time to an international audience, what the real story is concerning diet, heart disease and diabetes. Listen up! Everything you have learned about diet and its association with obesity, heart disease and diabetes is WRONG. Unveiled was a series of lectures showing clearly that when properly…

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