Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), Metabolic Syndrome and taking medicines unnecessarily (‘just in case’.)

The LCHF Conference in South Africa, would have been a revelation to the general public that came to the Sunday conference. People learned that T2D can be ‘cured’ in just a few days after starting a LCHF diet.

The medical profession is becoming less skilled in optimal disease management because the ‘6 minute consult’ cannot allow doctors to develop refined clinical skills. Lab tests dictate treatments, which makes no sense as they are meant to be used as a guide to the clinical assessment, but that is becoming a thng of the past. How much clinical assessment can you do in 6  minutes? Pass me the prescription pad, please.

Depressed? Antidepressant. High fasting blood sugars? Metformin. Hypertension? No added salt, blood pressure medication. Elevated cholesterol? (now a warped kind of joke) Statin drug.

And on and on and on…

I have seen many patients who have been put on Metformin to lower their blood sugars, even though they did not have a glucose tolerance test done or even a HbA1c. This was done ‘just in case’ they might progress to diabetes. Brilliant!  The metformin did nothing more than ‘assist’ them in storing more fat.

I now have all heart and diabetes patients on LCHF and most come off all medications in a very short time.

One recent fellow, had Metabolic Syndrome of many years duration and was officially diagnosed with T2D about 14 years ago. He was taking 40 units of a medium acting insulin and oral Metformin, was on a very low fat diet -and was told he had to eat lots of (healthy) whole grains and fresh fruit. Needless to say his HbA1c was elevated as was his average BS after meals.  After 48 hours on the LCHF diet, he was off insulin and Metformin! He will be, for all practical purposes, no longer diabetic.

350 million T2Ds worldwide have not been told about this approach to their disease and they continue to fail in their health because they are on the WRONG treatments.
This is morally bankrupt Medicine. We are about to see our medical systems fail financially because of the burden of the Diseases of the Modern Era. It’s not too late to fix this, but it’s also too close for comfort.

I urge you all to contact Nutrition Australia, Diabetes Australia and the Heart Foundation and tell them to stop acting as pawns for the food and drug industries, to impliment the scientific approach to disease management and prevention, and to act NOW.
But don’t hold your breath!