The Medical Lies about Type 2 Diabetes

One of the world’s greatest medical conferences just concluded in Cape Town, South Africa. Professor Tim Noakes assembled an astounding group of world experts in the fields of statistics, nutrition and sports physiology to explain for the very first time to an international audience, what the real story is concerning diet, heart disease and diabetes.

Listen up! Everything you have learned about diet and its association with obesity, heart disease and diabetes is WRONG. Unveiled was a series of lectures showing clearly that when properly conducted research on these topics was done, it is irrefutable that cholesterol does not cause cardiac disease, saturated fat from animals is healthy, indeed, essential for most people, and that Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) is NOT a chronic progressive disease. These are diseases that have been created by political actions so that grain producing countries can earn large export incomes. Not a single iota of medical benefit was weighed up in concluding that the high carb, low fat diet based on the faulty ‘food pyramid’ had even a smidgeon of scientic truth to back it up. This ought to make you mad!  We have all been had!!!

Wholegrain foods and fruit have been a disaster for humans. Yes, you read that right!
Read it again and again.
Every apple contains at least 5 teaspoons of sugar , a banana five: and dates– well, they are off the chart as contenders for the ‘most sugar you get in a tiny space’ gold medal. An average human has just ONE teaspoon of sugar circulating in the whole blood stream of about 4 to 5 liters! And that is all we need ! We need less than 20 gm of carbs per day, yet we have been told to eat 200 gm or more.
This has been catastrophic advice. Nutrition Australia, should be renamed Mal-Nutrition Australia.

The Australian Diabetes Foundation is also clueless when it comes to nutrition. After all, they are telling diabetics to continue eatng the foods that made them diabetic. This is cruel even as it’s ignorant: realize that the raison d’être of this esteemed organization is to attract donations and fund research of questionable value- but, certainly NOT cure diabetes; and the Heart Foundation of Australia has no idea what fats are, even thinking that a cake is a fat! This is incredibly discouraging! More on these organizations later!

So, every society that has adopted grains and a large ingestion of fruit has suffered enormous health problems: T2D, heart disease, gut issues, thyroid disorders and joint inflammation. Yet, these are the foods that ignorant dietary organisations and the medical profession has recommended for that last four decades. They have produced millions of diabetics, just as many with heart disease, increased the risk of cancer, possibly autism and myriads of other diseases plus an obesity epidemic. Oh, and rates of childhood cancer that are on the increase.

Over 300 years ago, and and for the two following centuries, diabetics were told to eat a low carb, high fat diet. (

Carbs are all converted to sugar which raises insulin levels and that is where the havoc begins. Humans were designed to burn fat as a fuel, not sugar. Sugar and insulin, when present day after day for many hours cause sugar to be stored as fat and so lead to obesity: and they are toxic to the blood vessels, so we get heart disease.

The food and drug manufacturers are the ones who have mainly benefitted and to a lesser extent, the doctors who care for these patients and the laboratories that do their blood work: but the public has lost a battle of common sense and scientific integrity.

There has not been a single properly conducted study done to recommend the current dietary guidelines that were proffered in 1977. And no properly conducted study since has shown that these guidelines work.
It doesn’t take a genius to see what has happened in forty years-  just look around you.

There should not be a single case of T2D in the world: and when it does happen it can be cured in less than 2 days.  YES — read that again.
Do doctors tell patients that? No!  Because they too are under the mistaken belief that T2D is incurable and inevitably leads to increasing doses of whatever therapy the patient is on, and that it will mostly end with one or more complications.

Does it not seem absurd that the very things that are causing T2D, sugar and carbs in general, are ‘foods’ that are being recommended to diabetics?  More oats, whole grain foods, milk, fruit. Brilliant?  Hardly!  This is a tragedy because the clinical data show that within 48 hours of starting a LCHF diet, all the markers for T2D will fade and that the insulin levels (the real cause of all the complications) will drop to normal levels and the reversal of the disease will begin. It can no longer be ethical to withhold this information from the public.

It is clear that if you want to die early following a slew of chronic medical diseases, eat lots of fruit and grains. Otherwise, cream, butter, fats from grass fed animals and low carb vegetables will keep your arteries clean and your pancreas and liver happy! And you won’t get fat.

 Fat is not stored as fat in the body.  Only sugar and carbs.

And while we are on that subject, note that “natural” sugars, honey and fruit, are no better than the crappy white bread we are consuming.
There are no safe sugars!  Get the few carbs you need from low carb vegetables only.
(See the Resources section for the best books on this subject)