It’s just too hard to go back to a paleo diet. Perhaps we don’t need to have the diet we used to have?

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The hard part about the Paleo diet, is that to date, expert chefs have written books on Paleo,and the perceptions, and perhaps some reality, is that the diet is expensive.

Also, the sugar/carb addiction makes it harder to adopt a different diet.

These two issues are not ‘deal breakers.’ First, it is easy to eat low carb food if cheap but delicious cuts of meat are used.  Flank steak to ground beef, eg, chicken and fish dishes.

Lots of healthy vegetables. Change is always hard when we are stuck in a rut but unless we do change, we are dooming ourselves.

The evidence all around us shows that the ’new’ dietary advice of the last 40 years is NOT working.

The forensic evidence of thousands of years ago shows that Humankind did well and evolved beautifully on a Paleo diet.  This strongly suggests that our eating patterns altered our DNA, our physical shape and our brain power.

Why would anyone want to reject this?

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