Hyperbaric Oxygen and Conventional Medicine

I have just come back from a conference in New Orleans about the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and its application in many medical conditions. This was sponsored by International Hyperbaric Medical Association at the 11th International Symposium For Hyperbaric Medicine and it was one of the best conferences I have been to— right up there with the first Low Carb, High Fat Conference masterminded by the brilliant Prof Tim Noakes in Capetown, South Africa, two years ago. These meetings are free of the pharmaceutical and food industry influences that are rife in almost all other medical conferences held around the world. There, the keynote speakers are experts who get paid millions of dollars from industry to promote the lies and intellectual and scientific garbage that support the drugs and foods that are making billions of dollars for those industries.

When Prof. John Ioannidis published an “Emperor has no clothes” paper showing that 90% of Evidence Based Medicine publications are false, he threw a spot light right into the rat holes of university research laboratories, which suck up billions of dollars a year researching rubbish and publishing false data, in a nefarious relationship with the food and drug  industries. It’s a win /win for those entities and a lose/lose for you- the public. You are the losers at the Russian Roulette gaming tables of Big Pharma and Big Agro.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1182327/

(The definition of a racket is a business that takes your money in return for a service but delivers nothing, or very little… re-read the last sentence.)

This comes back to Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) and the extraordinary and well documented benefits that come from it: cancer resolution, autism and other behavioral disorders, strokes, diabetes and other disorders of mitochondrial function—- the list goes on. It is cheap, effective and beats almost all other current pharmaceutical modalities in the above mentioned diseases and the side-effects are few.

Examples of reversal of documented brain tissue loss and the progression from flat-lining after drowing to almost full recovery are just a few of the examples of the effectiveness of HBOT. There were so many other examples, I concluded that diet and HBOT could treat and cure almost 80% of our modern diseases, including the psychiatric disorders. This, based on objective data, not some paid off lackey sprouting manipulated data that supports a pharmaceutical intervention.

Here are two websites you MUST visit.

https://www.hyperbaricmedicalassociation.org            http://www.hbot2017.com

If you ever want to understand why one treatment is favored over another, follow the money trail. If one treatment no matter how ineffective is forced on us, look at where the profits are. HBOT is effective, cheap and limited in time. Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) treatments are forever, or so we are told because the experts tell us that diabetes is a chronic, unrelenting, non-curable disease that will require increasing amounts and types of medications. This is BULL SH*T.  Type 2 Diabetes is almost always curable. Why? Because if we reverse the conditions that cause it, it will reverse too! HBOT would improve the outcomes for T2D patients with complications better than any drug therapy and used in conjuction with a LOW CARB, HIGH FAT DIET, could reverse and cure T2 diabetics, eliminating the need for drugs. Now that would be a catastrophe for Big Pharma. So sad…

Go here to https://www.dietdoctor.com and here http://www.zoeharcombe.com to get real medical information that is FREE of industrial corruption.

Go here to learn about the reason why elevated CHOLESTEROL levels cannot kill you… https://drmalcolmkendrick.org

A HIGH Carb, LOW fat diet is the basis of good health and a means to prevent and reverse T2D and heart disease.

In Australia we have a world expert, Dr Malcolm Hooper, in Melbourne who gave three presentations at the HBOT meeting and he nailed it! His center in Melbourne is world class and Australians are lucky to have such a facility available to them. HBOT is going to become a standard of care in the near future, for post operative recovery to autism.

Go to https://www.hyperbaricmedicalassociation.org to learn about the extraodinary knowledge made available at this HBOT conference and the stunning people who are the world leaders in this therapy. I salute these heroes for battling the morons who control the conventional therapies that are failures and who persist in supporting these failed endeavors, and to the HBOT scientists for their long enduring fight against the conventional therapies that don’t work.

Keep watching.

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