The Promotion of Rodent Diets to Australian Diabetics. A new low in Down Under Health Care

If you are a long living human in Australia, free of disease and a truck load of daily medications, you are unique and an escapee. Your exit planned or accidental from the entrapment of medical and dietary practices that are the ‘norm’ in Australia, probably spared you an earlier death.

Absurd professional advice such as that from the Univeristy of Sydney’s infamous ‘Rodent Diet’ leaves one gasping because it is the very diet causing many of the Diseases of the Modern Era. Before promoting this idiotic diet, the U o Sydney  researchers might have tried it on humans for a few years- nope, nada, no way. The Professorial pontifications were simply sufficient to guarantee it’s deity status and so it was written in stone and delivered to the huddled masses.

Cut to this recent inane situation. A well- researched nutritionist, Jennifer Elliot, an Australian dietitian whose governing body, the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA), has expelled her from that organization because “she makes recommendations that are inconsistent with Evidence-Based Practice.” And to add insult to injury, her name has been added to their public list of other dietitians who have been expelled or suspended from the organization for “disciplinary reasons.” Bullying by ignorant bodies who are sucking up the moolah from government and charitable donations and who have the authority to defy the real evidence is far too common- this latter form of evidence –real– is not shaped by financial interests and self- serving individuals preserving their thick pcket-books, hides and heads against the onslaght of compelling evidence that is based on factual observations. No-  real evidence is not the authorities’ version of Evidence-Based Practice.

Disciplinary boards in Australia, such as the DAA. have enormous power and do not have to adhere to principles of fact based evidence, but rather they rely on opinions of their hand-picked, biased and frequently ignorant experts. In Jennifer Elliot’s case she was actually following the general priciples of the American Diabetes Association, which Australian organizations say they follow, until they don’t. Hypocritical so say the least.

A high carb diet is what made Type 2 Diabetics, diabetic in the first place, so offering the Rodent Diet to them is clearly NOT in their best interests BUT the food industry supporters of Diabetes, Nutrition and Heart organizations are industries all heavily financially invested in CARBS and they push those foods to the max. Big Surprise.

When the full implimentation of Low Carb High Fat happens, I hope there will be a massive class action lawsuit against both individuals and organizations that are promoting the slow painful and early deaths of what should otherwise have been healthy happy Australians.

PS.  It would be an honor to be expelled from many of these organizations as it shows you are not corrupted by power or money and are willing to defend the facts. And are a patient, not an organization, advocate.

Here’s to you Jennifer, and the mavericks who are proving to be right as every new day comes.

The dinosaurs are staring blindly into the fast approaching light from above— BANG.

San Francisco, Oct 13, 2015