Channel 9 Australia, and utter stupidity

Recently, Channel 9 on ‘A Current Affair’ did a hatchet job on popular chef, Pete Evans, trying to make him look like a dangerous man, supporting as he does, the Paleo pattern of eating, which according to their experts is a very dangerous form of eating. Of course, it has been the eating pattern of humans for over a million years but that sort of fact never gets in the way of the agendas of the traditionalist dieticians, cardiologists and endocrinologists, who are locked into the pantaloons of the food and drug industries. These special interests have made a fortune recommending diets and drugs that have enslaved the human race and created the obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease epidemics of the last 30 years. Oh! and those very same experts have profited from promoting the high carbohydrate diets that are killing us, through research grants and the gravy train of vacations, restaurant dinners and other perks. You, the public, die, while they prosper at your expense.

The issue has been that Pete SUPPOSEDLY has no scientific data to back him up. Well, of course he does. The long history of human evolution is a good start but the best shot in the arm comes from the recent announcements by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics which has issued new guidelines that are right up the Paleo alley. Saturated fat is good, eat cholesterol rich foods and add salt to your morsels and shy away from sugars. There would normally be many red faces in Australia from the groups opposed to Pete but, alas, given the thickness of the hides of Pete’s opponents that coloured phenomenon is not likely to be seen by us mere mortals.

The attacks on Pete and the rest of us promoting real food, is that there is no scientific basis to this eating pattern. I have just pointed out that there is conclusive proof that this eating pattern is the only way to eat. Look at how slack these critics are.

Channel 9, yes the very same paragon of scientific integrity that felt compelled to point out Pete’s flaws aired this: ☛☛☛ Channel 9 Chocolate Video 

In this piece, the Morning Show declared that eating chocolate makes people lose weight and their dietary expert, Amelia Burton explained the science behind a new study exalting the weight losing benefits of chocolate. The basis for this incredible revelation came from a peer-reviewed study that the authors of that study eventually declared was completely bogus. Those authors were testing the peer review system to see if it were robust enough to detect fraudulent hoaxes such as they had just done. The result: junk science can easily get into scientific journals and be accepted as fact. This is, in fact, the norm these days. Then, in rocks Channel 9 and in an amazing feat of magical gobbledegook they were able to promote this piece of rubbish as fact yet at the same time they were beating Pete Evans over the head for being less than scientific, despite his having rock solid science on his side.

Read the article where the author shows how he demonstrates just how easy it is to turn bad science into the big headlines behind diet fads  and the corruption of the diet research-media complex ☛☛☛ I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here’s How.

So much for neutrality in television ‘scientific investigation.’ In what can only be described as a rapid response to an embarrassing ‘booboo,’ It seems that someone at Channel 9 might have pulled the video clip from Youtube: but we have provided a link to it above. Do you think Channel 9 will apologize to Pete? No damn way. We all know how this works. Slander, pillage, destroy and then remain silent hoping that no one will notice that you were wrong. Thanks Channel 9 for showing once again that your reporters need to go back to school and study ‘Reporting 101.’ First, you need to be able to separate fact from fiction, have knowledgeable people as your resources, check the facts (science) and instead of ad hominem attacks  ( a far too Australian phenomenon) try to keep adjectives, such as nut cases, dangerous, disgraced and other useless descriptives out of the story. It’s not that hard.

Eating chocolate causes weight loss. Yeah! And I’ve got ocean front property in Arizona………