Alarming Warnings from the USA on Obesity and Cancer

Here is the headline today. A middle-aged cancer epidemic is being blamed on the West’s poor diet and overly generous portions.

Leading specialists convened on Friday to issue a stark warning that obesity will soon overtake smoking as the principal cause of cancer. Doctors said Westerners had replaced one bad habit with another, with too many people eating their way towards an early death.

This is a very positive step towards recognizing the health hazard our diet poses then doing something constructive about it. This stands in stark contrast to the unscientific ramblings that just came from Professor Simpson at the University of Sydney. (see previous blog below). Nothing good could come from his recommendations, certainly not improved health outcomes.
The University of Sydney has it wrong on diet (and treatment of men with hormones.)

Speaking at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual conference in Chicago, experts said “staggering” rates of obesity were responsible for the growth of 10 common cancers.

Finally, a direct and incisive statement that accurately reflects what is happening around us. We are feeding our children rubbish: starting the day off with ‘wholesome grains’ (there is no such animal in any of our supermarket cardboard boxes), milk and some added sugar in the form of Nature’s candy, i.e fruit! Thus begins the child’s lifelong journey into obesity, diabetes and cancer.

With the publication of Pete Evan’s book Bubba Yum Yum, selling so well after all the idiotic criticism it got from, well, you know…  it remains to be seen if others will follow and propagate a healthy eating pattern for the next generation of kids. The fact that this current lot of parents was fooled by advice and guidance from the food and medical organizations which allowed nothing short of lethal attacks on our children is preposterous, not withstanding the fact that these organizations promoting this health fiasco have known for years what the scientific facts were about food and the links to chronic disease. Carbohydrates, particularly sugar, especially fructose and Western grains, are foods that have no place in our diet. They didn’t for millions of years and they don’t now. It’s that simple.

Listen to the tripe the critics had to say about Pete Evans’ recipe for ‘broth for kids.’
‘It will kill them off because of  all the added salt. Hypertension. Heart disease. Strokes.’ Pure and utter bull dust.

Now that the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has clearly endorsed added salt in the diet to promote good health what will Pete’s critics say now?
You got it. Nothing. Back to their burrows to hunker down and hope that no one will notice. Oops.  We have noticed and I for one will keep hammering these fools ’til the cows come home.

Pass the salt, please.