The Real Food Revolution.

The EpigenX approach to healthy dietary patterns has been shaped by the abject failure of the advice that has been given to us by The National Heart Foundation of Australia, Nutrition Australia and Diabetes Australia.

The rates of cardiovascular disease vary widely. Here are just a few countries for comparison.


The rates of cardiovascular disease vary widely. Here are just a few countries for comparison.

While Australia and the US are not among the worst of these statistics, we should be asking ourselves why we are not lower than we are, especailly when we compare ourselves to the French and Japanese.

The following is an example of how behind the times the Heart Foundation is.

This link takes you to a dialog between Jessie and a representative from the Heart Foundation.  It rivals anything Lewis Carroll might have written. The only thing missing is the Mad Hatter, but then again…   It is worth reading just to see how inept this organization is when it comes to explaining the facts.

The following books unravel the medical nonsense that has brought nothing but havoc and grief to millions of people. These are part of the revolution that will break the chains that have bound us so intimately to the drug and food industries.  The pharmaceutical industry will not be able to recover as easily as the food industry will, as the food industry has the flexibility to respond to change. Perhaps that will encourage Big Pharma to get back to the reasons that gave rise to that industry in the first place and start being concerned more about the public’s health and less about their bank accounts.

Over a thousand EpigenX patients have now adopted these dietary recommendations and have been followed carefully with blood tests for over two years. Athletes have seen an increase in endurance and performance enhancement.  Complete reversal of metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes has been reported all over the world as doctors and nutritionists and personal trainers have adopted these principles.

The only question remaining is how long will it take for the establishment to wake up.

With history as our guide, it will be a while as these organizations and professions usually come to the party a dollar short and a day late. But history also shows that reality triumphs over mythology- eventually.

The hunter-gatherers as personified today by the Hadza in Tanzania have much to teach us about lifestyle. Free of the modern diseases we know only too well, their pattern of eating and what they eat has informed us about what we need to do to live a long and healthy life. We need to heed them.

Happy hunting!

One thought on “The Real Food Revolution.”

  1. I have listened to your speeches on Youtube that the SAD diet is killing us . That I believe is true only I see one huge flaw in trying to change the way people are eating . You must know as well as I that the Grass Fed meats & Non GMO foods are too pricy for most of the population . As for me I’m single & even though I only have to feed myself , it is Not possible to afford all those pricier foods . No matter how I try to cut back on unnecessary spending . So again the poor will get sicker & the rich will get healthier .. Yes your plan is Ideal , but the world & food prices are not … That is the SAD part when you can’t buy the better food to stay healthier …….Thought I would give you something to Pounder on as you have me ”.. If you get a chance to read this – I would Love to hear what you have to say about this dilemma ….