Medical Orthodoxy and Medical Oversight Organizations- A Catastrophe for Australians, Men in Particular.

Australia was once a place where the medical community brought in new ideas from all over the world and in the 70’s we could say we were as advanced a nation in Medicine as say, the United States were. Today that is no longer the case. Indeed, China is beating us on many fronts.

Medicine is now a business with a huge impact on the economy. It is guarded carefully to ensure that this business functions to make large profits for the Drug and Agri business as well as the organisations that pose as non-profit while raking in millions of dollars which are squandered on their bureaucracies and mindless studies that do little to cure the diseases that they promised us they would do some 40 years ago.

In fact, virtually no progress has been made in curing or preventing heart disease, diabetes or cancer over the last four decades. Obesity and diabetes are climbing through the stratosphere and there is almost nothing being done to stop it happening. Terrible food offerings and idiotic dietary advice are catapulting this planet into oblivion. 

I just reviewed an assessment done for a man under the auspices of the Epworth Health check program. Good assessment but atrocious advice. He was told to eat copious amounts of whole grains, cereals and fruit.  Sound familiar? It is the Rodent Diet offered by Prof Stephen Simpson in Sydney as the cure all for all mankind’s medical dilemmas.  It is, of course, the very diet that has produced the Dia-Obesity epidemic. The Epworth evaluation went further and advised him to use only vegetable oils and to avoid saturated animal fat- the latter cause a serious rise in triglycerides, they said.

How could they be so last century? It is the wholesome grains, cereals and fruit that elevate triglycerides. And they fell hook line and sinker for the recent dietary misadvice- not to eat red meat because it causes cancer. There is NO shred of evidence for this statement but just like The World Health Organization that came out with this advice recently, they co-mixed cancer data from evaluating  processed preservative-laden meats in with data from people who eat unprocessed meat to produce the cancer scare. Let’s not worry about facts.

Which leads to the next bit. Medical Boards and those who oversee doctors’ ‘behaviour’ insist that all doctors practice orthodox medicine. That means that we should still be drilling skulls for mental illness, chopping out the frontal lobes of the brain for other psychiatric conditions, whip out uteruses of menopausal women so they won’t go insane, and bleed people to rid them of ‘bad humors.’

Of course we don’t do these things anymore because we proved that they didn’t work, but at the time these procedures were in vogue, they were defended to the hilt. It took years to convince doctors to wash their hands in between examining patients while the evidence was abundant that by doing so it stopped the spread of infections: but no, orthodoxy said there were no such things as germs and so doctors went on merrily infecting and killing patients until it was so obvious that Semmelweiss, the discoverer of hand washing hygiene, was proven to be right. Too late for him to get the accolades for this because he was so harassed by his peers that he went mad and was eventually murdered in a mental asylum. 

So much for open-mindedness.. Today we are living with the same nightmares that Semmelweiss faced. Different times, same vindictive arrogant judges. Trying to do unorthodox therapies when all others have failed or have been shown to be useless and even harmful is frowned upon and  swiftly punished.  Yet, the evidence is clear: many, if not most of our orthodox therapies don’t work. There are both old and new therapies coming online that are safe and that work. They are struggling to see the light of day because some paid-off expert somewhere has declared them to be not orthodox. If we are so clever, then why are so many people endlessly taking a polypharmacy of medications and not being cured?

You don’t have to be Einstein to answer that question. Indeed, it was Einstein who pointed out the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over again, expecting a different result.  Professors! are you ready for your straight jackets?

2 thoughts on “Medical Orthodoxy and Medical Oversight Organizations- A Catastrophe for Australians, Men in Particular.”

  1. Dear Dr Robin,
    Thank you for this article! It fits with several others I have read over many years.
    I met you in consultation just last Thursday 5th in Bilo. You gave me advice for IBS.
    Thankyou for promoting the Truth in medicine and NOT the orthodoxy.