Puppy, sit! GOOD puppy! 6Minutes Newsletter becoming disciplined?

Today, to my astonishment the unruly and normally not too discerning puppy, the 6Minutes Newsletter behaved well. Progress in training perhaps?

The newsletter reported on a study from the UK that blasted cardiologists and GPs and other healthcare institutions for the terrible dietary advice that has been shoved down the public’s throat these last 30 odd years. You know, wholesome indigestible grains, skim milk, lots of fruit and vegetable oils.  All the stuff that made us obese and diabetic. The ‘experts’ in the field paid off (for) by the food industry have strenuously kept up the charade that the above listed foods were good for us. Actually they were good for the personal and institutional bank accounts of these ‘experts.’

There is no other explanation for the lies and stunning idiocy that was mouthed and promoted by the world’s leaders in nutrition, yet, with all the evidence pointing the other way, they strode down the pathway of our collective destruction with nary a thought for the well-being of ordinary people. In fact, it created quite an industry. Can you imagine the chagrin occasioned if diabetes, heart disease and obesity disappeared? Whole swathes of the medical industry and countless experts would suddenly be left with no oxygen! We can’t have that, so the simple cure for our current epidemics, a proper low carb, high fat diet, will be one of the last things you will hear from these people. BUT there are stunningly honest cardiologists- yes, yes, it’s true- like Aseem Malhotra in the UK who have been waging the war against the triad of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, to much public acclaim and finally, reluctantly an acknowledgement that he, Prof Tim Noakes and Dr Andreas Eenfeldt are right, and that the others have been, shamefully, wrong.

Please read the full article in Open Heart 2015;2: doi:10.1136/openhrt-2015-000273

Contrast this with University of Sydney’s Prof Stephen Simpson’s utterly laughable and dangerous advice that Paleo diets kill people and that we should be eating what rodents eat- you know, indigestible things and other crap that causes all of the above diseases. I know Australia is a long way from anywhere but do we really have to keep regurgitating last century’s tired, dangerous and utterly discredited advice on nutrition? Pete Evans is right. Be man enough to say it, all you detractors.  You look sillier with every passing month when articles like the above and the new guidelines from the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics say the opposite of what is currently and vigorously promoted in Australia.  Australians are people too and deserve better than being treated like RODENTS.

By the way 6Minutes Newsletter, the journal is called OPEN HEART, not HEART. Sheesh!

So– where is that spray bottle, the rolled up newspaper and, oh let’s see, a bowl of indigestible grains? Woof!