The Medical Journal of Australia, Climate Change and Charlatans

Today the Medical Journal of Australia’s newsletter, MJA 6Minutes, weighed in on climate change. The article was written by Fiona Armstrong, who is an Associate, Melbourne Sustainable Societies Institute, University of Melbourne; Sessional Lecturer, School of Public Health and Human Biosciences at LaTrobe University commenting on the 2015 Lancet Commission on Health and Climate report. This report comes six years after the  groundbreaking first Commission report – a collaboration between the Lancet and University College London – which described climate change as the ‘biggest global health threat of the 21st century.’

Armstrong’s ‘take home’ on this conference’s findings is that thousands of Australians are going to die from floods, fires, and medical service failures due to extreme heat: all caused by we, the people.

Just today, a great article describing the science of climate change, currently that change actually is global cooling, and it appeared on this website, IceAgeNow:

Academic charlatans masquerading as experts all over the world are on the take, raking in vast amount of research funds to ensure their job security, and a little measure of fame and power to influence those in government, while we the people, are being bullied and punished.

Australia has a bad case of opting for the ‘dark side’ much too often whenever the options of a ‘good’ side and ‘bad’ side are choices. This is because research money is almost always used to promote whatever makes money for corporations and that is rarely in the best interests of the citizenry, but it elevates the power and prestige of a few big fish in this little pond to make sure that they are fed enough goodies to see that the policies that enhance the corporate treasuries are promulgated as Heavenly Truths. The all too cosy relationship of the food and drug industries with the universities brings this point home. The recent article on climate change and damaged wheat is a great example of this nonsense.

The health of the public is NEVER in the catechism of this dogma.

Everywhere one looks, horrific examples of a few academics influencing the important decisions that affect our well-being abound. Recent examples on this blog highlight the junk science and bad advice that our professors bless as dogma -and there is hell to pay if the congregation rebels! Meanwhile the government presides over football circuses, corruption in the corridors of industry come to light every day, public officials are too frequently found to be on the take… and on it goes. The MJA has become a sounding board for medical stupidity and corruption.

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