If Modern Medicine Works So Well, Why Are There Now 350 million Diabetics Worldwide?

A revolution has been taking place in front of our eyes and we don’t even see it. It is the heart diseases, obesity and diabetes epidemics sweeping the world. Based on the population of around 1900, we should have about 45,000 diabetics in the world today- most of them being Type 1 (or insulin-dependent diabetics.)

Instead, we have a jaw-dropping 350 MILLION diabetics, most of whom are Type 2 diabetics.  Only 2 to 3 percent of people were obese in 1960 and now it is 35% and climbing.  By 2050, half of the adult populations in western diet influenced countries will have Type 2 diabetes. How did this happen?  A perfect storm created by food companies, the drug industry and medical experts on the take by these same industries have helped create one of the greatest disasters humanity has ever faced. Only the bleak six year winter of 74,000 years ago posed a greater threat to Mankind than what is happening to us today.

Instead of our governments focusing on this horrific epic unfolding in front of us, the headlines are dominated by Hollywood sub-primates, AFL fiascos and endless reality shows of no intellectual consequence drowning out our ability to focus on the real issues that confront us as individuals and as a species.

There are however, professionals who do care. In Australia we are lucky to have Pete Evans standing ground against the established organisations who have failed us so miserably by giving us deadly advice. Eat lots of wholesome grains and fruit and eat as little saturated fat as possible.  Eat plastic butter (margarine) and cereals and nutritionally emasculated milk.

Humankind raced through 4 million years of evolution and survived brilliantly against massive odds without a single drug or packaged food or supplement to be found anywhere.

Amazing to think that 25% of the population over 50 years old, has at least 2 chronic diseases and is on two to four drugs.  Not a single life has been ‘saved’ by this management. Worse, the last 20 years of our lives for the most part are ones of disability, dysfunction and pain. Over 90% of our health care costs are used in the last 2 years of our lives— mostly to ‘treat’ chronic diseases that should not have happened in the first place.

At EpigenX, we are committed to confront this travesty heads on. First there is a revolution taking place led by people like Dr Tim Noakes, Dr Andreas Eenfeldt, Zöe Harcombe, Gary Taubes and others who are blazing a trail through the tangled underbrush of ‘facts’ that have been blocking our pathways to good health for the last few decades.

Learn about the Low Carb, High Fat diet and why the hunter/gatherer way of living is what we must all strive to emulate, because -make no mistake about this- the route we have taken starting over 40 years ago has been a world-class disaster!