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    Chasing Antelopes

    - Dr Robin J Willcourt

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What is Chasing Antelopes About?

Chasing Antelopes will challenge - and change - the way you think about your health, about what you've been told by so called 'authorities'. It's about the best diet you should be eating, about weight loss, wellness and vitality. About why you can skip breakfast, stop counting calories, eat high levels of healthy saturated fat, enjoy life more and sleep less, and how you can learn from the incredible wisdom and insights of your ancestors. In doing so, you'll gain energy, build lean muscle, and watch your health steadily improve. It's worth reading!

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About the Author

Doctor and leading Anti Aging expert Dr Robin Willcourt challenges the way we think about what we eat how we live and the path to destruction our modern diet and lifestyle is leading towards and the very real and serious threats to your health and well-being from events outside your current awareness. Robin Willcourt reveals the blatant lies and deception that Drug companies, eminent scientists and the Agriculture industry have used that have shaped our beliefs about the foods we eat and drugs we accept as normal. He challenges us to change our ways before it brings about a devastating decline physically and socially. This is an epic and groundbreaking journey into our rapidly receding past and and unanticipated and bleak future. In Chasing Antelopes, Dr Willcourt reveals how the last remnants of fewer than 1800 ancient hunter gatherers and the forgotten wisdom of our very distant ancestors offer an extraordinary window into how we can survive a coming catastrophe.

Drawing extensively on over 4 decades of experience as a Doctor in the frontline of health and working in cutting edge restorative health and anti aging medicine, Dr Willcourt explores how these rapidly vanishing tribal societies show us the path to superior health, performance and long-term survival as a species that is totally at odds with what we’ve been programmed to believe. He unearths remarkable findings - from the reason why modern afflictions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease are virtually unknown in tribal societies. Vast in scope and implications Chasing Antelopes provides you with a guide map to restore your health, vitality and sanity.

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